Located in a neighborhood with a predominant Mediterranean revival architectural style, this proposed architectural intervention represents the juxtaposition of two philosophies: One is contextual, based on the existing house and neighborhood character; the other one is experiential and is based on the lifestyle the client desires to live.

The subject design intervention proposes to reconcile these two worlds, by establishing a duality between the existing massive roofs seemingly in levitation, separated from solid stone cladded walls by continuous ribbon windows.

The new entrance over the reflective pond populated by coy fishes, blends the exterior and interior with the manipulation of natural light. While there is an axial connection reinforced by the pool expansion on the rear yard, the internal promenade becomes episodic due to the spatial changes both vertically and horizontally.

The impact on the neighborhood is both subtle and meaningful. While the presence of the existing house predominates, the architectural intervention will accommodate it to the lifestyle of the owner.