The enclave is unique in essence, and its topographic complexity and connection to breathtaking ocean views poses one single challenge: A design vocabulary that connects the house to the ground/landscape and simultaneously to the ocean/sky.
The architecture is manifested through the tension between curvilinear massive stone wall (which express the sense of strength and privacy inspired on historical colonial fortresses) in contrast with the elegance of rectilinear expression modern materials, (reinforced concrete, steel and glass) that allow deep terraces with unobstructed views, as they dress themselves with the warmth of wood. Organic elements such as water and landscape flow in and out of the house, the main stair case is flooded from natural light through a skylight, and the light coming from the oceanfront façade.
As a result, every corner of the house is in constant contact with nature and metaphorically to its cultural context through a palpable tension between a tied-to-ground colonial expression and a levitating tropical modernism.