This project proposes a landmark entertainment pavilion that launches Ocean Drive's hierarchical events in Miami Beach, while keeping visitors connected to the surrounding environment.

This public pavilion is located in the narrow green area between the banks of Miami Beach and the very popular Ocean Drive, famous for its predominantly Art-Deco architecture and vibrant day-and-night touristic activity. 

The program consists of an information desk, gift shop, staff offices, public restrooms, and a multipurpose space that could host non-profit fundraising events ranging from art exhibits, fashion shows, banquets, night club, wedding ceremonies, etc. The design consists of the modular arrangement of eight hyperbolic paraboloids in an orthogonal grid, recalling the motion of sails and waves of the sea at a monumental scale. This structural system allows to achieve long spans with minimum amount of supports and efficient use of material. Also, it allows natural light to filter deep inside the spaces while providing shade to its users.

The enclosed spaces are located at opposite corners, and the central space is open to the sky. This courtyard is the focal point for pedestrians, where they can simultaneously share the presence of all the surrounding environments: the sky, sea, landscape and the urban activity of the most popular street of Miami Beach.